Carbon 14 dating pyramids

05-Jul-2017 14:11

A pair of biologic uplifters is sent—a male and a female.

The authors describe this as being God’s regular plan for creating mortal races and providing for our progressive development.

Starting with the Adam and Eve Report provides some background on the genetic issues that are relevant to this report; however, it is not necessary to read that one first in order to understand this one.

Theories about the history of human civilization are based on evidence that strongly suggests a pattern of progress, both culturally and genetically, over extended periods of time.

Prevailing theories about this region suggest that around 11,000 years ago, primitive man was just beginning to evolve from being a hunter-gatherer to a herder-farmer.

The evidence suggests that the complex of round rooms with two especially large pillars in the middle were built for religious rather than practical purposes.

Eventually, the area became populated by an inferior civilization.

But scholars are reluctant to hypothesize in this direction because it requires reforming widely held theories on the progressive nature of human evolution.

You can purchase a Kindle copy for .99 by clicking here. To view a file for easier reading and printing: Click here. The Gobekli Tepe site already reveals 50 engraved stone monoliths, some of them dating back to 12,000 years ago, that are at least 6,000 years older than Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids.

Please contribute whatever you can to support this effort. A full excavation to the bottom of the site has not yet occurred, and only a small percentage of the site has been uncovered.Additionally, says that, due to population pressures, inferior and more barbaric tribes drove out this more peaceful and advanced civilization.